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Lottie Animations Widget for Elementor

Best widget for adding animated svg images to your site


This plugin only depends on one javascript file and one css file and only loads if the widget is in use!

Fully Customizable

You can customize everything Including the animation and animation player.


You can style separately for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. No chance to break animation in any device.

About Lottie

Pure SVG animation.
No GIF/Video

The lottie animations are all svg animations and doesn't depend at all on image/video. You can even customize the animations from website. Every pixel is customizable by your own hand.

About Lottie widget for elementor

Full Customizability
On your hand

You can specify animation type, animation speed, playing trigger, animation size, animation source, Player alignment, enable control, enable loop and much much more!

About Lottie

Autoplay, Play on click / mouse over

You can trigger the animation on mouse events such as mouse over and mouse click. You can even choose to autoplay. Tune it however your mind suggests. Sky is the limit

About Lottie widget for elementor

Load animation from online / Upload your own file

You can add animations directly from online just by putting the animation url from Or you can upload your own JSON file. You can even paste JSON code too!

About Lottie

Tons of animations available

There are a huge number of free animations available in . You will find the animation of your need very easily.


Online Animation Editor

What our customers say about us

navindesigns Customer

I absolutely love this plugin. It really takes gravity form to the next level. The design is great and support is fantastic. They will go far and beyond to make sure everything looks 100% on your site.

alani95 Customer

had few issues with the plugin at first, I reached out to the dev and he was very quick in his response and took care of my request promptly.

wienermischung Customer

There was an Issue with tooltips and radio buttons / checkboxes – DivDojo helped me in a timely fashion and in the latest version of tooltip for gravity forms the issue is corrected – great support and the plugin does exactly what I need it for.

dom-martigne Customer

Nothing too spectacular, but exactly what is needed. Thanks for the simplicity.

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