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Template Share for Elementor

Share your Elementor Templates. Create your own Template Library. Sell them using WooCommerce.


Template Share only depends on one javascript file and one css file and only loads when necessary!

Super Fast

Lightning fast template transfer from server site to client site. No third party communication.

No 3rd-Party

Template transfer is 100% peer to peer. No third party site or service is involved.

Share Templates

  • Generate License Key
  • Choose Expiry Date
  • Choose Maximum Sites
  • View Connected Sites
  • Block/Disconnect a Site

Receive Templates

  • Add & Browse From Unlimited Sites
  • Category Filter
  • Supports Both Section & Page Templates
  • Live Preview Feature
  • Required Plugins Notice

Template Groups

Template Share allows you to create Template Groups consisting of multiple templates. For example, one template group may contain Homepage template, About us Page template, 404 Page template etc.

WooCommerce Integration

  • Create License Generators
  • Automatically Generate License on Purchase
  • Send License Keys with Order Email
  • Show License Keys in Order Summary
  • Show License Keys in My Account Page

Our Pricing Plans

Our pricing plans are aimed to suit users of multiple types.


$300/Lifetime (50% in Advance)

  • Integration of template library in your existing project.



  • Share to Unlimited Sites
  • Browse from Unlimited Sites
  • Browse Templates & Template Groups
  • Live Preview
  • View Connected Sites



  • All Free Features+
  • Choose License Expiry Date
  • Choose Maximum Sites
  • Create Template Groups
  • Set Required Plugins
  • Disconnect/Block a Site



  • Template Share Pro
  • WooCommerce Integration



  • Lifetime Deal
  • Template Share Pro
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Dedicated Receiver Plugin in Custom Name & Icon
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