Create Your Own
Elementor Template Library.

Sell your templates using WooCommerce. Kickstart & Self-host your template selling business.
Or Integrate Template Library in your existing Plugin.

Two Separate Plugins

You will get two plugins from us. One is the server plugin that you will use to generate/manage licenses & orders from your customers. The other one is for your customers that has the template library.

No Third-Party

Your customers will download templates directly from your website. No third-party site or server is involved. Your customers will be able to download templates only if he has a valid license from you.

Manage Everything using
the Server Plugin

License Management

Generate license keys, Choose Templates, Set expiry date, Set maximum site count, View connected sites, Block/Disconnect sites. Each & every controls you need.

WooCommerce Integration

Sell your templates using WooCommerce. Automatically generate license on each order. Auto include license keys in order email. Show license keys in order summary page and my account page.

Receiver Plugin
For Your Customers.


Blocks, Pages & Template Groups

Using the receiver plugin template library, your customers will be able to browse block templates, page templates and template groups from your server site.

Want to integrate Template Library in your existing plugin/project?

We got your back! Order the Whitelabel plan and email us your existing plugin zip file. You will have the template library nicely integrated in your plugin within 24 hours!

Flexible Pricing to Fit Your Needs


For individuals
$99 /Year
100% Money Back Guarantee


For Startups
$199 /Year
100% Money Back Guarantee


For Business
$999 /Lifetime
100% Money Back Guarantee

Trusted by 500+ Users

Great for Business
TemplateShipper has streamlined my template business. It’s easy to use, and my customers love the seamless experience. The integration with WooCommerce is flawless.
A Complete Package
TemplateShipper is what i was looking for. It’s helped me start my template selling business. The seamless integration with WooCommerce makes it a complete business tool, and the plugin is very user-friendly.
Easy to Use
TemplateShipper is incredibly easy to use. Setting up my template library and integrating with WooCommerce was a breeze. The interface is highly intuitive, and it has made managing my templates and sales so much easier.
Incredible Value
TemplateShipper offers incredible value for anyone looking to create and sell templates. It’s feature-rich and extremely user-friendly, making the whole process a breeze.
Superb Functionality
TemplateShipper’s functionality is top-notch. It has everything I need to manage my template library and more. It’s a must-have for any template seller.
Legendary Support
The customer support with TemplateShipper is outstanding. One issue I’ve had were quickly resolved. The team is responsive and helpful, and the product itself is great. It’s a must-have for anyone selling templates.

Your Questions Answered.

In whitelabel plan, you will have a dedicated receiver plugin that will be on your specified name and icons. Your customers will be able to browse from your site only. On the other plans, you are provided with a TemplateShipper receiver plugin that your customers will be able to browse from other websites as well where the TemplateShipper Server plugin is installed.
Yes, the template library fully support live preview functionality. For using that, you will have to enter the live preview url in the edit template page.
Template group is collection of similar looking templates. You can create template groups from your server site that may consist of Homepage, About Us page, Contact Us page etc templates. Your customers will be able to browse template groups as well.
No, you get two plugins in all plans.


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